Chrissie Silver


Hand built porcelain, glazed and pressed with seasonal plants. Chrissy grows specific plants to harvest and roll into the clay which, when burnt out give an almost photographic impression of every perfect detail. Each piece is unique.

The light that glows through the porcelain is warm and highlights the complexity of natures forms as if frozen in their trapped state within the porcelain.

Chrissy Silver works alone making one off pieces by hand in a studio in her garden.The studio is surrounded by the plants she uses in her lamps and burners, many of the plants have been grown especially for harvesting and rolling fresh into the porcelain. The lamps which she makes take an impression and provide a perfect record of seasonal plants , and so in the winter months, when lit, evoke a visual memory of spring and summer in the garden.

The lamps are wired with twisted silk flex in subtle colors to match the piece. Some lamps are enhanced with oxides and lusters, but for the most part they are pure , white and translucent.