Liat Gilad


Liat Gilad has been running Studio Lil,  since 2007 in the grounds of Emerson College, Forest Row and has made a unique range of jewellery for One The Square.

Liat specializes in metal work and is a full time jeweller and sculptor. Her work is all made from high quality materials such as solid 14k gold and sterling silver.

Liat places a great deal of importance and hard work on creating innovative and distinctive designs, allowing her customers to style a unique look. In her designs she aims to create something spiritual, almost sacred, in her jewellery and sculptures.

All Liat’s jewellery has symbolic meaning. Whether it be in the ruby and bells design symbolising the sound of the heart in everything we do. Or the symbols of the changing moon, showing how beautiful things can be when as women, we choose to make the connection with the changing moon and the changing cycles within ourselves.