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a series of workshops on Thursday mornings 10am - 12.30pm

some spaces available £35 per session starting 9th January

Unleash your creative potential, rediscover forgotten skills, and refine the knowledge you have with Artist and Teacher, Susan Quekett.

In this course you will spend 6 introductory weeks working in a sketch book or visual diary. You will make a range of drawings from primary sources and experiment with media to include pencil, charcoal, watercolour, crayons, pastels, from either a teacher-specified or self-selected theme. The objective being either how to take your sketchbook with you everywhere to draw and paint, and/or how to explore ideas towards image or picture making (abstract of observational) in the studio. Book here



FRIDAYS 10am - 12.30pm £35 

A series of sewing workshops where Annabelle, who is a professional homeware seamstress, will guide you through basic sewing skills to expert advice on making the perfect cushion with piping, hidden zips, appliqué and other sewing and textile methods like slow stitching, embroidery and crochet. Join us for all six sessions or dip in as your schedule allows. Just let us know which would suit you best so we can allocate space accordingly. To book contact us here


Thursday 9th January 2.30pm - 4.30pm


Come and make 2 empire 24cms lampshade, using vintage linen and making it your own by printing or painting on it.. Using a template this workshop will give you the opportunity to personalise your own lampshade and learn a few tips on assembling - the lampshade is a by product as the morning is a lovely experience printing, painting or stitching on beautiful vintage linen and then assembling the shade. 

To book this course please contact us here 

I will also be teaching a day course at Minerva Workshops dates in the diary on the website to view



10am - 4 pm £95 includes lunch

Saturday 15th February

Saturday 28th March

Saturday 25th April


Tatty covers and sagging springs? This workshop is a great way to restore some of your pieces, from a piano stool dining chair to an armchair or headboard. Come and learn traditional upholstery or just recover with extra padding. 

To book this course please contact us here 



Thursday 30th January 10 am - 4pm £95 plus £15 for materials includes a delicious lunch and refreshments.

Come and join Lucy for the day learning calligraphy. The workshop is perfect for beginners or those who want to refresh their skills. The morning will be spent learning about pen holders, nibs, inks and paper types and you'll begin practicing basic nib strokes which will leat to letter formation moving on to joined up words. After lunch you will work on a written quoter phrase, which will allow you to use your newly acquired skills and give you fresh ideas practice with.

Lucy will introduce you to working with white and gold inks on coloured papers chichis an exciting way to see your work transform.You will practice on tags, cards and envelopes - perfect for getting prepared for Christmas. You will come away with your practice sheets, course notes, nib, penholder and black ink. (you will get to practice on the day with the white and gold ink)

Lucy has been practicing calligraphy for many years but its in the last 5 years that she has been using it commercially and her practice has taken over her job as a stylist and art director. - click here



 Thursday 6th and 13th February 1 pm - 4 pm £45 per session

An opportunity to learn this traditional craft of cane weaving. If you have a chair or stool bring it along - if not a frame will be provided which you can take away. This ancient craft was first introduced to England in the 17th century, There are less than 50 professional cane weavers in the country. We will experiment with the versatility and adaptation of cane weaving in the future. To booki contact us here


with Hrvojka

Wednesday 12th February 7pm 9.30pm £45

Needle felting with wool is a lovely way to create 2 dimensional and three dimensional art. In this workshop Hrvojka will guide you in the art of needle felting animals by using sheeps wool carded and prepared and made into a bundle, into which you will needle felt coloured wool and shape it into an animal of your choice. Its a compelling and relaxing activity despite the inevitable stab of the needle which will only happen once. To book click here



10am - 4.00pm £95 includes lunch

Saturday 22nd February

Saturday 2nd May bank holiday weekend

Learn to block print. An immersive day exploring pattern, colour and repeats. In the morning you will practice with Indian blocks and then move onto your own designs, followed by carving your own block to take home with you. Bring an item you would like to print on or linen  items, cushion cover, apron or tea towels will be available to purchase on the day. Delicious vegetarian lunch will be served. To book click here


Thursday 9th April 10 am - 1pm £50 + £15 materials

If you have been on the all day calligraphy workshop - come and refresh all you learnt on the day course and perfect what you learnt the first time around. Lucy will also give you the opportunity to work with gold and white on coloured card which just takes the effect to another level. To book click here.



Saturday 14th March

£95 including sample colour swatches and delicious vegetarian lunch

Join Deborah Barker, natural dyer, fibreshed pioneer and textile historian, to create a range of Spring colours from British garden flowers ranging from pale yellows through to vibrant oranges.

In this introduction to the theory and practice of natural dyeing you will work with botancial colour from dye plants; tansy, coreopsis and weld and learn how to create beautiful light and wash fast, non toxic colours on linen and cotton.

Deborah will cover - preparing fabric for dyeing and printing - preparing and using mordants - preparing plant material to make a dye bath

By the end of the workshop you will have a set of naturally dyed cloth samples to inspire you, information on some dye plants to grow in your garden, the knowledge to continue your plant colour journey at home and enough dyed linen for a sewing project with Magda - details to be confirmed.

For those of you who would like to attend the woad workshop in the autum you can bring back some of your yellow linen and cotton fabric to put in the woad vat to create greens.

Please bring a pen and notebook, you are also welcome to bring an item or small piece of cloth - no larger than a small teatowel - to put in the dye bath at the end of the workshop. Click here to book your place



7pm - 9.30pm £85 

19th and 26th March

Come and learn the fine art of rush basket weaving. These two evenings with Ruby Taylor from Native Hands will focus on making a cross body bag made of English rush., ideal for carrying your phone or wallet or as a useful item to store garlic or lemons. 

Rush is a  material that is easy to use and easy on the hands. Rush is a native plant, it is sustainable and you will learn to make the rush into cordage then loopinit into a semi-pliable structure. There is a long history of this looping technique dating back to Mesolithic times and continues to be popular with contemporary basket weavers. It is kind on the hands and has beautiful hues from greens through to gold.

The workshops is run on two evenings which will give you the opportunity to get into the rhythm of making.To join us please book here


Workshops in planning: natural dyeing with woad, madder and correopsis, macrame, wool felting, slow stitching embroidery, textile experimentation, and calligraphy and One The Square off site..

If any of these excite you -  do get in touch and we will let you know when they are up and running. Also we run bespoke workshops for particular occasions, wedding preparation, decoration and favours, birthday parties for children.

For more information click here 

We are also very excited to have Mary Fisher join us to give a workshop on printing textiles and art with Holly Bimba and

Patrick Fall sometime next year.

We also run bespoke workshops, for a special event and tailored to you, it maybe making a celebration piece for an event, a birthday party or a team building session. 


Terms and Conditions for workshops

Your place is guaranteed when you have paid for the course in full. There are no refunds so please ensure you can make the workshop before booking. If for some reason you cannot make the workshop please pass your space to a friend. If you don't show we are not obliged to refund you. If you have paid for 6 weekly sessions up front these are for consecutive sessions unless you give us prior warning when booking or at least 48 hours if you are unable to attend and we will then roll it over. Workshops that cover more than one session have to be paid in full, there is not a rate for part of the session as you would be taking the place of someone who can attend the whole of the course. Children’s after-school workshops are paid half termly in advance and missed sessions cannot be rolled over. We reserve the right to cancel or postpone workshops, if circumstances outside our control occur.

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