Ximena Heasman – Ceramicist

Ximena Heasman is a Colombian/British ceramist and designer. During her time as a Product and Industrial Designer, Ximena discovered that we don’t need any more things that lack soul or ethical principles and, from then on, decided to dedicate her time to designing and making “objects that have a soul” using her own hands.

Ximena gained her degree in Product Design from The National University of Colombia in Bogota, where she had her first exposure to Ceramics. A few years later, Ximena moved to London to concentrate on creating original ceramics and jewellery. She has trained privately in the UK with numerous British potters and now has her own studio in Forest Row, Sussex from where she creates her work. Ximena is a member of the London Potters organisation.

Her style has strong influences from her cultural roots and her themes include mankind, the joy and beauty of the relationships between people and nature, the importance of symbols, rituals and festivities. “It is important for me to create beautiful objects that people can take home to use and enjoy and that make them smile.”