Business is not as usual

By appointment is the new normal for the moment.

Workshops are suspended for the moment, Magda is working on a number of interior projects and the business has evolved over the last years in this direction. Working with artisans on bespoke projects and introducing artisan's craft into interior and exterior spaces.

The Workshop at One The Square is located in the heart of Forest Row, Magda Devaris set it up in 2014 to showcase local and regional artisans and to offer an array of craft workshops. Workshops that offer crafts that are fast disappearing, not only from school curriculum but form part of the endangered crafts. Crafts that remind us of our cultural heritage and reconnect us to our environment. They are about knowledge transfer and ensuring that there is a connection with making and appreciating the materials used.  Magda continues to work with artisans on commissions for private and commercial projects as well as working with partners to curate a programme of masterclasses that are relevant to each site and situation.

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